Eve using the Fishing skill.

Fishing is a Partner Skill exclusive to Eve Staccato. It can be activated by pressing the "W" key near a body of water.

There are three available fish per area (with repeats), and these fish can be sold to shops, or given to Fang Dantalion for rare tokens. Once you turn a fish in to Fang, it's information and spawn locations will appear in the Sand Bar's museum. An additional sidequest is unlocked once you turn in every species of fish to Fang.

How to fish

Showing that something bit the line.

If you're next to and facing a body of water, press the "W" key to cast the fishing line. A speech bubble with an ellipses will appear above Eve's head. This indicates that nothing has bitten the line yet, so be sure not to press any buttons. When a question mark replaces the ellipses in the speech bubble, press the W key to reel the fish in.

If an exclamation point replaces the question mark, this indicates that you were successful in hooking a fish on the line. If the speech bubble fades with a splashing noise in the background, this indicates that the fish was able to get away. To avoid this, make sure to begin reeling immediately when the question mark appears.

The reeling progress and time limit bars appear.

Once a fish is hooked, the next phase of fishing begins. Two bars will appear on-screen. The top bar represents the distance between you and the fish (reeling progress). The bottom bar represents the amount of time left until the fish gets free and swims away.

As the arrow marks start appearing in the speech bubble, press the same direction on your keyboard repeatedly to increase the progress bar. If you press a different arrow key than the one shown, the progress bar will take damage and decrease. Besides arrow keys, an ellipses might appear during the reeling process. When this happens, be sure to stop pressing any buttons to fill the progress bar. Avoid pressing any keys during this, as doing so will decrease the progress bar. The timer also temporarily stops when an ellipses appears, so there's no need to worry about losing time. Once the progress bar completely fills up, that means you've successfully caught your fish! Bask in the glory of the fight, as well as the cute one-liners that appear with every fish you catch!

You can begin fishing with the beginner's tackle once you receive a fishing rod from June. As you progress through the story, you'll get more advanced tackles that will help you catch rare fish easier.

Fang's Sidequest

Fang greeting you during the sidequest.

This sidequest is introduced early on in the story, but can only be completed during the post-game. Fang requests Eve's assistance in collecting fish; offering "Old-world Mog Currency" (rare tokens) in exchange. It's later explained that Fang sells the collected fish to the Sand Bar Museum at unreasonably high prices, while Eve is left with only a couple rare tokens for her hard work.

For every 5 fish that Eve gives Fang, she'll offer several rare tokens in return. After 15 fish are turned in, Fang gives Eve her DNA fragment as well. Once all 39 Solum fish have been turned in, the Sand Bar Museum will quickly contact Eve, and request her help with capturing an extremely rare fish; bringing the collection to 40 fish in total.

List of available fish

There are three tiers of difficulty for each area: common, uncommon, and rare. You're able to differentiate a Rare fish not only from the harder chance to catch the fish, but also the icon in the items menu being a gold fish. Below is the list of all such fish, categorized by location and rarity.

Icon Fish Location Rarity


Jamfish Corona Woods, Aeros, Otecho Path, Otecho, Arctario Lake (Ocean) Common "Kids always say they look like sweet candy, but they're actually too poisonous to eat."
Nile's Comment: "As with all things, it's allure can be fatal."
Flooper Corona Woods, Cirruwa Forest Uncommon "Common and small, but tastes great friend, raw, or in a stew. A chef's best friend."
Ark's Comment: "Always ate these at my Peepums' house."
Choifish Corona Woods, Hisstanbul Rare "A fish said to represent wisdom and strength of character. Can live for a long time."
Nile's Comment: "We had a choifish pond... until the accident."
Redgill Solburg, Otecho Path, The Sand Bar, Chopskinsville Common "A bold fish that goes well with some hot chili sauce. Often used in curry and stews."
Ark's Comment: "Red gills! Just like me! Wahaha!"
Mawfish Solburg, Solburg Tunnel, Aeros Uncommon "These seem to be more teeth than meat. It'll take a bite outta you before you take a bite off it."
Ark's Comment: "Sharp teeth comes with vigor!"
Jocktopus Solburg Rare "Refer to x = Fish. BUFF = MUSCLE MASS. This fish can be summed up as [x = BUFF * 8]."
Ark's Comment: "Sure it's strong, but I'm stronger! Wahaha!"
Ratfish Solburg Tunnel, Sewers, Toilets, Middeluge (Sewage), Middeluge Common "Cat Sith love the taste of these! They catch them with the intent to play with the inedible tails."
Avi's Comment: "They prey at night, they stalk at night..."
Moonfish Solburg Tunnel, Arctario Lake (Ocean), Pretorricane Uncommon "These flat, silvery fish like to surface at night. Their hides reflect the moon's light."
Nile's Comment: "Looks quite alien, doesn't it? Fu fu..."
Casval Aeros, Mt. Phrost Rare "Known as 'the red comet'. It's a popular dish with the wealthy and powerful."
Ark's Comment: "I think Nile said this is a kind of pilot fish..."
Phat phish.png
Phat Phish Froxeter Forest, Auramosa Plains, Los Monstruos Common "This phish tastes a bit phunky, even when it's caught phresh phor real..."
Avi's Comment: "Gotta love these big ol chunky boys!
Crawmom Froxeter Forest, Cirruwa Forest Uncommon "A small, tasty crustacean that you can pop in your mouth without having to cook it."
Avi's Comment: "Shrimp...heaven...NOW!"
Sawaygin Froxeter Forest, Den Path, Sun Temple, Moon Temple Rare "A species of tiny shark observed to 'walk' on the sea floor. Scary, but friendly!"
Nile's Comment: "Aren't they cute~? They remind me of Ark."
Blogfish Sewers, Toilets, Middeluge (Sewage) Uncommon "Completely toxic to any living thing. Known to lash out at the slightest disruptions."
Avi's Comment: "When they screech, you will know fear."
Tirelurk Sewers, Toilets, Middeluge (Sewage), Middeluge Rare "Thought to be a subspecies of Mimic Mog. Its body is rubbery, but the meat within is tender."
Ark's Comment: "You're a wuss if you don't eat the shell."
Plop-eyed goldfish.png
Plop-eyed Goldfish Tiny Oni Island, Pretorricane Common "You can win these as a prize at festivals! Kids love it for its bizzare look."
Nile's Comment: "Their eye sac fluids are used in life elixirs~!"
Tiny oni carp'n.png
Tiny Oni Carp'n Tiny Oni Island Uncommon "Named for its distinctive eyes. No one is quite sure where it came from..."
Nile's Comment: "If I recall, these were initially from Peptune."
Pringy! Tiny Oni Island Rare "Outlawed in various countries... ...but not on Tiny Oni Island!"
Ark's Comment: "Gghh...I guess you're old enough..."
An actual pike.png
An Actual Pike Otecho Path, The Sand Bar Uncommon "Probably tastier than the other Pike. Probably. Research is greatly needed..."
Ark's Comment: "An actual...what? This is a SLOUGH SHARK!"
Droppt bass.png
Droppt Bass Otecho, Auramosa Plains, Hisstanbul Common "The name comes from how slippery they are. They are plentiful, yet unpalatable."
Avi's Comment: "Add sauce to enhance the umami!"
Space moth.png
Space Moth Otecho Rare "A fish not native to this planet. But, that's just what the legends say."
Nile's Comment: "Believe it or not, this is an Epsilonian fish!"
Chickenfish Auramosa Plains, Bowfort, Sporegano Uncommon "Just a regular chicken...fish? Is this what they meant by 'chicken of the sea'?"
Avi's Comment: "Hello-a-doodle-doo! How can I serve you?"
Blue snapper.png
Blue Snapper Harbei, Harbei Grotto, Cirruwa Road, Bowfort, Sporegano, Los Monstruos Common "Despite the name, their jaws are quite weak. Popular in foreign cuisine."
Ark's Comment: "H-hey! Quit droolin' at the tank like that!"
Mealson eel.png
Mealson Eel Harbei, Cirruwa Road Uncommon "They usually cook these up for the elderly because of their soft, almost mushy flesh."
Nile's Comment: "My my, Ark caught these for me years ago."
Soccerfish Harbei, Cirruwa Road Rare "A carnivorous fish known to lure in its prey with its bioluminescent dongle."
Avi's Comment: "Stay away from the dongle, kids!"
Fallen sea angel.png
Fallen Sea Angel Harbei Grotto Uncommon "These little creatures love hot places. They're known to eat various snails, no matter the size."
Nile's Comment: "Which sea did this angel fall from, I wonder?'
Mangler angler.png
Mangler Angler Harbei Grotto Rare "A particularly vicious anglerfish that mercilessly hunts its prey. Has rows upon rows of teeth."
Ark's Comment: "Males are straight up lodged in its skin, see?"
Gobble Cirruwa Forest, Chopskinsville Rare "It's a m-m-monster! Its scream can be heard for miles. Make sure to have earplugs."
Nile's Comment: "Watch your ankles, dear. It can walk on land."
Catsithfish Hisstanbul Common "Some say they can detect earthquakes with their sensitive barbels. Known to purr."
Nile's Comment: "Are quakes just giant catsithfish purrs?"
Sawthree shark.png
Sawthree Shark Bowfort, Sporegano Rare "A shark with a bizarre tail, its meat needs to be dried and salted thoroughly before consumption!"
Ark's Comment: "Hookblades are better than sawblades!"
Amore eel.png
Amoré Eel Arctario Lake, Snowver Uncommon "Used to season pizza all over the world! Even mogs do it, so don't be shy!"
Ark's Comment: "Gah, slimy things are a pain to handle!"
Icecream sunfish.png
Icecream Sunfish Arctario Lake, Snowver Rare "Known for its comically asymmetrical eyes. Don't forget the cherry on top."
Avi's Comment: "The sweetest fish in the wading pool!"
Arctopus Arctario Lake (Ocean) Rare "Its muscles are densely packed together from the cold. It often hibernates during the summer."
Ark's Comment: "I can take these guys on. No big deal."
Delta smelt.png
Delta Smelt Arctario Lake, Snowver, Mt. Phrost Common "These are what they put in fish sausage, y'know? Kinda stinky, but extremely palatable."
Avi's Comment: "Smells like a corpse... Nile would like this!"
Syren Den Path, Sun Temple, Moon Temple Rare "Natural predator to the Sawaygin, it has a strong smell and a fuzzy beard."
Avi's Comment: "If it's not Selkies pullin' on my tail, it's these!"
Cracken Den Path, Sun Temple, Moon Temple Rare "Natural predator to the Sawaygin, they're known to torture their prey."
Ark's Comment: "Grrr..."
Mantra ray.png
Mantra Ray Pretorricane Rare "Legends say they can go 100 days without eating! Some temples keep them in their aquarium."
Nile's Comment: "Initially from off-planet... Heavenly indeed~!"
Crispy wespy.png
Crispy Wespy Chopskinsville Uncommon "This fish can be cooked, though it is notorious for going down salty. Hmm, yeah..."
Avi's Comment: "Great with pickles!"
Vacuumfish Middeluge, Mt. Phrost Uncommon "It's able to suddenly compact itself to half its size when in distress. Can survive in space."
Nile's Comment: "A triumph of grafting and cell manipulation."
Carppy Los Monstruos Rare "This is a real piece of carp! Tasty, yet completely useless..."
Avi's Comment: "Looks like chocolate ice cream! Uhh.. yum!"
Astortoid Gamanomen's Belt* Ultra Rare (Story)
Tate's Comment: "We're probs gonna get in trouble for this."