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June Sanjo is the Conjurer of Solburg. Eve first meets her in Corona Woods attempting to take photographs of feral Mogwai. She doesn't become a Conjurer until after Eve defeats Troz.


June has black hair styled in a messy bun, held together by a purple hair clip. She wears a pair of tinted sunglasses on her head. She has purple irises. She wears a purple sleeveless shirt over a black off-shoulder top. On her arms, she wears purple arm warmers. She dons white short shorts and black shoes with a purple trim that matches the rest of her outfit.


June is noted by her neighbors to be an eccentric. Her home is filled with scattered photographs and hiking gear. Despite all this, June is extremely friendly, almost to a fault. Because of this, June has a hard time pacting with local Mogwai which all consider her to be a pest.

Her computer is filled with data about various places and Mogwai. New data is shown every time Eve visits a new area or meets a new friend. June texts Eve the most out of anyone else in the game, often giving her strange hints depending on where she is.


Eve first meets June in Corona Woods, attempting to snap photographs of local Mogwai. After realizing Eve is a Conjurer, she promptly invites Eve over to her house at Solburg after a brief chat.

A bit later on, she follows Eve and Klein back to Corona Woods where she ends up making a pact with a severely weakened Troz. Throughout the game, June texts Eve random hints about cities and locale.


Troz Naberius - June's first Mogwai. They appear to have a good relationship, though Troz first hesitates to have pictures taken of her. June apparently gives Troz "tummy rubs," an act Troz considers childish, and complains about to Eve and her party.

Rex Kimaris - June's second Mogwai. Rex promptly makes a pact with June upon hearing that Troz had pacted with her as well. Rex remarks that she finds June's mannerisms funny. Talking to June at various points in the game shows that she cares a great deal about Rex's well-being and worries over her attitude that is later revealed to be caused by homesickness.


  • June is insecure about her sun-sensitive skin and inability to tan.
  • June considers Ann her favorite cousin and has been known to refer people to her.
  • Like all the other Conjurers, her last name is a musical term. Sanjo (산조) means "scattered melodies."

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