Below is a list of items that can be bought, created, and found in-game, separated by recovery items, stat-boosting items, attack items, and anything that doesn't fit into the above categories such as bait. Generally, you can buy most recovery items in Smallmart, and attack teas & coffees in stores like the Otecho Apartment Lobby. Everything can still also be created through alchemy at the Enchant Shop, though there is a material cost instead of a yuan cost.

Recovery Items

For locations, all recovery items except the Love Letter can be bought in the Smallmarts of major towns. These items are also available through alchemization at the Enchant Shop– all except the single status recovery items. A good portion of these items cure status ailments.

Image Name Effects Description  Alchemy Cost
Cupcake Icon.png
Cupcake +25 Pulse recovery "A fruity treat shaped like a cat's face." 5
Sugar bun.png
Sugar Bun +50 Pulse recovery "It's even got sprinkles on it! How thoughtful!" 5
Brownie Bites AOE +50 Pulse recovery "90% Sugar, 10% 'The Other Stuff'" 10
Caramel Custard.png
Caramel Custard AOE +100 Pulse recovery "Call it flan or custard... either way, it's tasty!" 10
Kitten Pix +25 Beat recovery "A photo of some kittens in a basket... so CUTE!" 5
Familiar Perfume.png
Familiar Perfume +50 Beat recovery "A scent known by anyone who takes a whiff." 5
Child's Drawing.png
Child's Drawing AOE +25 Beat recovery "A drawing that reminds you of your early years." 10
Thank You Note.png
Thank You Note AOE +50 Beat recovery "A sincere letter for all the work you've done." 10
Feel Good Song.png
Feel Good Song Heals all status ailments "This song takes all your woes away!" 5
Paper Bag.png
Paper Bag Alleviates shock "Perfect breathing exercises when you're nervous." -
Scenic Photos.png
Scenic Photos Alleviates heartache "The world will keep chugging on, and so should you." -
Massage Coupon Alleviates silence "It's good for a free massage from your friend!" -
Venomore Alleviates poison "A powerful medicine that somehow tastes like grape." -
Stress-Ball Alleviates rage "It's got a chocking hazard sticker on it... but why?" -
Snoozenol Alleviates sleep "Despite the name, this is actually a caffeine pill." -
Aloe Vera.png
Aloe Vera Alleviates burn "This cool gel magically stops burns from worsening!" -
Pocket-Defib Revives a single party member "A pocket-sized shock clip! Just attack to the chest!" 15
Love Letter.png
Love Letter Full Heart recovery "Holding this makes your heart beat faster..." 10

Stat Boosting Items

All stat-boosting items can only be created through alchemy in the Enchant Shop.

Image Name Effects User Description  Alchemy Cost
Smile-In-A-Jar +2 Max Pulse Eve "There's a well-written note inside, actually." 10
Blinking4Soup CD.png
Blinking4Soup CD +2 Max Beat


"It's a gently-used "CD" of your favorite band." 10
Chipped Arrowhead-.png
Chipped Arrowhead +2 Max ATK


"How old is this thing? Is it even valuable?" 10
Reassurance Note.png
Reassurance Note +2 Max DEF


"With this, uncertainty is a thing of the past." 10
Book of Jokes.png
Book of Jokes +2 Max MAT


"Its jokes are clean and entertaining! A two-fer!" 10
Old Music Box.png
Old Music Box +2 Max MDF


"It plays a glockenspiel cover of an old song." 10
UFO Keychain.png
UFO Keychain +2 Max AGI


"It's so cute! It makes you feel restless!" 10
Tanuki Coin.png
Tanuki Coin +2 Max LUK


"Whoa, they usually don't drop these! How lucky!" 10
Frisky Feast.png
Frisky Feast +2 All Stats Klein "A can of aromatic and delectable wet can food." 20
Cheese Fries.png
Cheese Fries +2 All Stats


"With carné asada, guac, beans, and sour cream." 20
Pan de Muerto.png
Pan de Muerto +2 All Stats Nyx "Nice and toasty! You can smell the cinnamon." 20
96 oz. Sirloin.png
96 oz. Sirloin +2 All Stats Rex "This is way too much sloppy steak for anyone else!" 20
Cerby Snack.png
Cerby Snack +2 All Stats Troz "A 5 lb. snack of friend bread with rare meat in it." 20
Sacred Oranges.png
Sacred Oranges +2 All Stats Io "Ghostly gold! These come in a pack of eight for luck!" 20
Abomasum Yukho.png
Abomasum Yukho +2 All Stats Luca "It's seasoned and everything! Seasoned raw stomach!" 20
Snowtato Cubes.png
Snowtato Cubes +2 All Stats Chip "A strange delicacy that'd take four stomachs to digest." 20
Cetus Tepas.png
Cetus Tepas +2 All Stats Pike "From an old selkie recipe. It smells rather rancid..." 20
Gourmet Kebab.png
Gourmet Kebab +2 All Stats Kon "Even the stick is edible! ...if you have reptile guts." 20
Haikara Udon.png
Haikara Udon +2 All Stats Shep "An archaic noodle recipe only some Mogwai know of." 20

Attack Items

Can be bought in Smallmart vending machines, resulting in a random item. To buy the full array of teas/coffee, however, can only be done through specialty stores in select towns such as in the Otecho Apartment Lobby, or Gramp's Shop. As always, you can also alchemize them at the Enchant Shop.

Image Name Damage Type Description  Alchemy Cost
Taro Milk Tea.png
Taro Milk Tea Light "It doesn't have the pearls in them though..." 10
Yerba Mate.png
Yerba Mate Earth "Wow! It even comes in a little clay cup!" 10
Oolong Tea.png
Oolong Tea Wind "Aromatic with a sweet taste that nulls tension." 10
Black Coffee.png
Black Coffee Shadow "The type of coffee suited for the morning hustle." 10
Hei Cha.png
Hei Cha Toxin "Being fermented tea, this is an acquired taste." 10
Matcha Green Tea.png
Matcha Green Tea Flora "You can taste the... 'chlorophyll and amino acids.'" 10
Peppermint Tea.png
Peppermint Tea Water "One sip feels like your body is cleansed by the chill." 10
Iced Cappuccino.png
Iced Capuccino Ice "If it's hot out, this'll do the trick." 10
Latte Macchiato.png
Latte Macchiato Volt "Mesmerizing milk clouds swirl inside the cup." 10
Hazelnut Coffee.png
Hazelnut Coffee Fire "So piping hot that it doesn't seem like it'll cool." 10

Miscellaneous Items

The primary supplier for these items is Shep, though you can only buy tokens through The Wukong Card & Hobby Shop. As always, all except tokens can be created through alchemy in the Enchant Shop.

Image Name Effects Description  Alchemy Point Cost
Bait Used to catch fish. "This live bait is all gooey and pump. It's sure to lure even the most finicky of fish. 5
Token Used to pull a card in Huo's Game Shop. "Ancient Mog currency. Can probably be traded somewhere..." -
Rare Token.png
Rare Token Used to pull for a single card not already owned. "Ancient Mog currency. You might be able to trade this in for something valuable!" 10
Speedy Treat.png
Speedy Treat Temporarily increases movement speed. "Eating this treat makes you quick on your feet!" 10
Teleport snack.png
Teleport Snack Teleports you back to last town visited. "A bite from this snack will take you back!" 15
Flee Powder.png
Flee Powder Guaranteed escape from regular battles. "Made of strange pheromones to ward off ferals."